Ways of Being Popular Instagram

Written By Hary on Monday, March 26, 2012 | 9:55 AM

Became popular in Instagram seems very difficult for a newbie. But it is not impossible,there must be a way to become popular among the IG-ers, the name for the user Instagram.

The thing to remember is that many followers does not necessarily make you popular.But be sure to add popular follower. The following tips are summarized from :
1. Create a unique username. 
2. Location also try to make unique.
3. Interact with other IG-ers or with your community.
4.  Be careful with the use of words. 
5. Never dropped, vilify or attack someone.
6. Repost few pictures ever posted on the IG. But not too often, too.
7. Create a photo competition, invite your followers.
8. Geolocate your photos.
9. Interaction by asking followers, use the note as tweegram App and post in the IG.
10. Give comments and likes, use emoticons that you should install it first. Usually this will also increase your followers.
11. Promote yourself. But not to interfere with such request to visit your feed. Occasionally it does not matter what the origin ,span class="hps">lasting
12. Use the hashtag lively use
Once<$2Fspan> you become popular in Instagram, Guaranteed you'll get lots of followers

Hopefully the tips useful. Although it does not guarantee you become popular inInstagram, but such measures should be tried, you may pop in Instagram jamming.
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4 Tricks To Capture a Photo With Your iPhone

Like to take pictures with the iPhone? Do not just snap and snap it. With a number of tips, activities of shooting this could actually be more fun. Here are four tricks to maximize your iPhone's camera, as reported by Cnet, Monday (02/27/2012).

1. Snap a photo with headphones
IOS 5 introduces the convenience snapped photos using the volume button up. With this feature, users can plug in headphones and use it as a remote camera shutter.

This action allows the image to the more stable and flexible. With the option to put the iPhone on a tripod and use headphones to enable the shutter, photographing action would be more fun.

2. Key focus and exposure
If users do tap on the screen, the iPhone will automatically determine the focus and exposure. However, problems occur when users make a move too much. Will seek to focus the camera back and searched for lighting levels.

To lock the focus on the object, do the tap and hold until 'AE / AF Lock' appears. With this, if the user did excess motion to change the composition of the picture, then the focus and exposure will remain locked.

3. Use the grid and rule 'rule of thirds'
Capture photos with the rules of 'rule of thirds' is more easily done by using the existing grid. Do this with a pulled-tap 'Options'> Grid ON> Done.

4. Cropping
Cropping is usually done to change the composition of the photograph and the iPhone now has a cropping tool is built-in. And use the following quick steps.

Open the photo from photo gallery, then zoom and move the picture to be in the desired composition. Now hold down the home button and press the lock button to take a screenshot. Photos that have been completed in the next crop will come in the original photo in the camera roll.
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Apple Failed To Get Important Data of Google

Apple's attempt to request the necessary data Google and Android are not achieving results. United States Court eventually ruled against Apple to Motorola Mobility for submitting data, the development of the Android operating system and Google's acquisition of documents for Motorola.

As reported, Apple filed a request that the Court of the United States in early March. The judge overseeing the case, Richard A Posner, finally rejected the demands, Tuesday (03/20/2012). Previously, Apple's lawyers said that the Android OS and Google on Motorola's acquisition process is very relevant to the lawsuit Apple filed a patent related to Motorola. However, he did not explain in detail why Apple really need that data.

Motorola attorneys also opposed the demand for Apple. According to him, Google and Android are not included in the lawsuit. Motorola also can not force Google to hand over the documents of the acquisition. Google attorney, Amanda Williamson, finally sent an e-mail to Apple's lawyers. Williamson said that Apple had to explain his demands. He also felt that the reasons demand the necessary data were not well defined.

Google on Motorola's acquisition process has become important in the mobile phone industry. Google will be one of the company that owns patents in the mobile industry's biggest acquisition since it bought 17 000 patents and 7,500 patent applications. Currently, Google on Motorola's acquisition offer of 12.5 billion U.S. dollars has been approved by the United States and European regulators in February 2012. However, regulators in China, Taiwan, and Israel have not signed it. Google
to acquire Motorola's business is the Internet giant step in strengthening the Android smartphone market share in Google's flagship smartphone to compete with Apple Inc., The iPhone. Motorola's worth the wait Could Google's doing it. We'll see!
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So Adele Successful First Double Platinum Artist in iTunes

As with the previous artists who have won Grammy awards, Adele has also shared in the increase in album sales after his victory at the 2012 Grammy Awards with a number of 730 000 copies of the album '21 'on one last week. But Adele also recorded a phenomenal achievement for the category of digital music, he is the first musicians who successfully sold 2 million copies of the album '21 'via iTunes for the U.S. market.

Album was first circulated on February 22, 2011 finally successfully achieved double platinum status when he succeeded to perform at Grammy Awards 2012 awards. Appearance is the first appearance after suffering bleeding in the vocal cords and had to undergo minor surgery to his recovery.

Adele tally was posted on Tumblr account Columbia Records on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 to mark the successful sales week of the album '21 'Adele's. The album was recorded can occupy the top spot 21 times in the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and has sold over 7 million copies in the United States and 18 million copies worldwide.
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